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    Principal and Managing Partner
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    About Us

    About Us

    Agency McKenna builds brands for associations, trade groups and nonprofits. For 19 years, we have crafted brand-led programs using integrated marketing and digital channels. Some highlights:

    What does Agency McKenna do?
    Any initiative that’s critical to your mission, your Board and your members is important to Agency McKenna.

    We are the strategic partner for association’s functional areas:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Member Engagement
    • Dues and Non-dues Revenue
    • Professional Development
    • Credentialing / Certifications
    • Meetings, Events & Exhibitor Revenue
    • Advocacy & Government Affairs
    • Professionalism / Code of Ethics
    • Sponsorship & Advertising Revenue
    • Public Relations

    What are Agency McKenna’s core competencies?

    We provide leadership, additional capacity and expert resources in four integrated practice areas.

    01. Branding: Brand positioning and strategy, brand identity, architecture, logo, taglines, messaging, brand guidelines, trademarks, brand adoption campaigns, external rollouts. Learn more

    02. Digital: Digital strategy, web design and development, API integrations, email marketing, social media, media planning, video, lead generation, measurement strategies. Learn more

    03. Marketing and Research: Competitive analysis, communications audits, focus groups, member surveys, sentiment analysis, member segmentation, media and marketing plans. Learn more

    04. Communications: Content development, campaigns, sales collateral, publications, fundraising, advocacy, public relations, information design, environmental graphics. Learn more


    Michelle Mason, FASAE CAE, Association Forum President and CEO, shares: “A big thank you to Agency McKenna on the branding of Association Forum’s AIMM program. We are very appreciative of the quality of work and your responsiveness. We look forward to engaging AGMK in future phases.”

    Dave Parney, Executive Director, Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute, adds: “This is not your father’s Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute anymore. Agency McKenna’s marketing and the industry education we’re doing together is creating a new audience for CISPI.”


    What services do you provide every day for associations?
    We help associations say “hello” and engage members, prospects, business partners, allied organizations, media partners, legislative bodies and consumers, distributors and general public if appropriate.

    We build strategies and tactics to better engage these important audiences while positioning associations for future audiences and growth opportunities.

    Our SERVICES for associations, visit to learn more.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Operationalizing Impact
    • Education & Credentialing Marketing
    • Attract / Educate / Retain Workforce
    • Business Event Concept & Design
    • Booth & Sponsorship Marketing
    • Member Services Marketing
    • New Program Launches
    • Government Affairs Communications
    • Calls-to-Action & PAC Campaigns
    • Digital-first Marketing
    • Website Design and Development
    • Technology: API, SSO, AMS, CMS
    • Social Media / Paid Media
    • Omnichannel Branding
    • PR / Consumer Campaigns

    Our WORK for associations, visit to learn more.

    What’s your story and what makes Agency McKenna unique?

    When Warren McKenna, CAE and Elizabeth McKenna, CAE met in 2000 as Creative Directors in New York, they shared one vision: to create a world of strong, authentic and emotionally engaging brands and share them with people. A Chicago native, Warren founded Agency McKenna in 2002.

    As a small agency of eight staff, we empower client brands to cut through the noise with effective communications and human-to-human marketing. We help them flourish online through digital services. We are continually inspired by the power of brands and the simplicity of what branding does: to say hello and build relationships.

    We are storytellers. We are brand makers. We are innovators and creators. We are strategists and experts. We are dreamers. We are what-if-askers. We are Future ShapersTM.

    Would you like to send us an RFP or talk with us about an approved program?
    We have AAA references, a tried-and-true process that’s collaborative by people who care.

    Sound like a good fit?  Let’s connect

    Product Information

    We offer Association Forum members 10% off our service fees in 2021. We welcome bringing on your association, trade group or nonprofit as a new client. More about Agency McKenna. Agency McKenna is the strategic partner for Association Forum leading its rebrand and marketing its programs and resources to member organizations. Warren McKenna, CAE is an active volunteer and has taught the Marketing Domain for CAE candidates study group.
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